Poca Adams

About the Artist

A jeweler from the Bayfield Peninsula my work is influenced by two distinct styles: “Primitive Elegance” using basalt, Lake Superior agates, and beach stones and “Journey Jewelry”, the interpretation of ethic jewelry influenced from many travels throughout India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Contact: pocabasalt@gmail.com




My jewelry is displayed at these local galleries:

Karlyn’s Gallery

Washburn, Wisconsin

Hoth Lee Gallery

Port Wing, Wisconsin

Stones Throw
Bayfield, Wisconsin

Waters of Superior
Duluth, Minnesota

About the Artwork

“Water Talisman”  is an amulet, an ornament of protection. Made of copper, sterling silver, Lake Superior agate, basalt and magnetite. I gathered the magnetite on the banks of Tyler Forks River. Magnetite is the rock to be mined in the proposed Penokee mine project. This area is situated among many rivers,creeks, and streams all running into Lake Superior. Our water deserves care, respect, and protection. We are nothing without it. A jeweler from the Bayfield Peninsula, I create Primitive Elegance in a modern world.



In the river of memories

unseen unheard

ancient stones explode

nature screams


it runs bewildered and confused

seeking it’s mouth

eroding a trail

to unknown consequences


One response

  1. Chris

    Awesome, Poca!

    03/10/2013 at 4:55 pm

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