Jeff Richter

About the Artist

Jeff Richter

Nature’s Press
PO Box 371
Mercer, WI 54547
Phone: 715-476-2938


Jeff Richter’s journey with film and camera began almost 20 years ago with a walk through Tom Mangelson’s gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, that inspired him to take up the camera and teach himself the art and craft of nature photography. Jeff has had hundreds of images appearing in print since then. Sierra Club, Audubon, The Nature Conservancy, NorthWord Press, Brown Trout, Willow Creek, Wisconsin Trails Magazine, Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and LoonWatch are among the publishers and organizations that have used Jeff’s images.

In 2001, Jeff won an I.R.M.A. Award from the International Regional Magazine Association for his photo essay on albino deer. In 2002, he placed two finalists in the BBC/British Gas International Photographer of the Year awards. Long-time publishers of Wisconsin Trails magazine, Howard and Nancy Mead, have called Jeff the best nature photographer in the state. Wisconsin Public Radio host Larry Mueller has been trumpeting his admiration for Jeff’s images for many years.

Nature’s Press was founded by Jeff Richter in 2003. Jeff is the photographer, author and publisher most recently of Pure Superior: Lake Superior Photographs by Jeff Richter (2009). His 2007 book, White Deer: Ghosts of the Forest, has attracted nation-wide attention after a Wisconsin Public Television In Wisconsin segment on the book began to circulate through the internet. Seasons of the North, Jeff’s first book, is in its fifth printing.

Artist Statement

All that is valuable is not treasure.

Which is more valuable?

  • A million dollar ore body  full of potentially short and long-term environmental  problems resulting from its extraction ;
  • or a mostly wild and undisturbed landscape known by our long-time native bretheren to contain a soulful, reverential beauty and diversity.

I believe that reasonable people can disagree about which they value more.  Not everything that has monetary value(ore) is necessarily treasure.  Thankfully Bob Jauch and Janet Bewley have shown both the wisdom and courage, under extreme pressure and criticism, to speak about protecting the interests of all concerned parties and citizens.

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