Frank J. Hutton

About the Artist

Frank J. Hutton is an essayist, literary
editor and large format field photographer, the latter soon to be made obsolete in the ongoing rush of technological change and our concomitant devotion to the new.

Frank is currently involved in a yearlong, cross discipline field project to document the cultural, historical and natural landscape of the Lake Superior Basin by using nearly the last of the world’s supply of large format film. The Internet aspect of that creative project can be found here: “In Search of Perfect Light…”

In concert with that effort, the Porcupine Mountains Artists in Residence Program has awarded Frank a two week residency, from October 1stthrough the 14th, 2012.

About the Artwork

I mined the Penokee Hills over a period of seven months, looking for a visual metaphor for the hard choice a culture must make when forced to decide between exploitation of a natural resource and preservation of a precious place, with little space left for us to hide from our responsibility to choose.

“Penokee Vise” is the result of that effort.


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