Azael Meza

About the Artist

“The art of a moment in nature can inspire a lifetime”

Azael Meza is a fine art and landscape photographer born in Guadalajara Mexico, and living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters. Azael has a BS degree in Communication Science and Media Production from the Western Institute of Technology in Guadalajara Mexico (ITESO). Azael is pursuing his vision to promote conservation of habitat through nature photography that captures the sense of place and the importance of preserving it. A portfolio of Azael’s photography was recently featured in a week-long exhibit at the WI State Capitol rotunda in support for sustainable alternatives to mining in the region.

Azael offers photography workshops in the upper great lakes and Mexico. His website is:

About the Artwork

For the project I took some landscape and water pictures within the Penokee range. The sites depicted in the photographs represent clean water and healthy habitat. The Penokee’s have incredible natural beauty and can be a source of inspiration for artists and beyond; yet they are also imperiled as they sit in close proximity to iron ore deposits that if mined could change the character and impact the natural wealth contained in the area.


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Penokee Range

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Tyler Forks

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Waters of the Penokee Hills Series

Tyler Forks

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Tyler Forks

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