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Paul Kjelland



War Chest


26″x40″ screenprint











Joe Rose

Joe Rose has a B.A., Northland College M.Ed., Black Hills State College M.S., University of Montana.  He is an Associate Professor of Native American Studies at Northland College.  Growing up on the Bad River Indian Reservation, he has always lived very close to nature and the teachings of tribal elders, which inspired him to choose Biology and Secondary Education as my undergraduate majors. “Being raised in a native traditionalist family, I have been fortunate to have my grandfather and many other native elders as teachers

. Many have shared their knowledge from the time of my preschool years to the present day. The natural world has always influenced my hobbies and interests. Hunting, fishing, canoeing, maple sugaring, harvesting wild rice, and collecting other wild edibles have always been favorite past times.”

Along with his time spent teaching, Joe has created a  Native American Museum at Northland College.  The exhibit, Seasons of the Anishinabe, displays artifacts and text for exhibits with Ojibwe and English translations.  Joe guides students in operational museum skills in conducting guided tours, assisting in sponsoring and coordinating cultural awareness activities related to the overall theme of the museum, and Anishinabe seasonal activities.  Joe is a highly respected tribal elder and frequent speaker and ceremonial leader, and regional expert on Native American history and culture.



Joel Austin

Joel Austin is a photographer whose work on the Penokees has recently appeared in the Lake Superior Magazine feature article (oct/nov 2012 issue).  His work can be seen on the blog  Along with more traditional images, his work includes aerial photography.  Look for his original photos at the Urban Ecology Exhibit planned for April -June 2013.

A fall view at Corrigan's Lookout

A fall view at Corrigan’s Lookout

Lake Superior shoreline near the Kakagon Slough

Lake Superior shoreline near the Kakagon Slough

Penokee cascade

Penokee cascade

joelIMG_1122 done - Copy

Joel Austin photo

Joel Austin photo


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