A Few Comments from our Exhibit Log

The following are a few comments by visitors to our exhibit.  They reflect the deeply held values and issues relating to this show from a variety of perspectives.

“Art is a mirror held up to life-too often we are narcissistic.  It is the best artists who make us see the beauty and the flaws.”

“I cannot get enough of this exhibit.  It speaks so lovingly to our home here in the north.  I live in the northern foothills of the Penokees. I have raised my family here.  I do not want to see it degraded by this mine that will create some temporary low paying jobs for the locals.  Thank you to the artists who have contributed to this exhibit.  This is maybe my 6th visit and it never fails to move me.”

“As artists – do they always have to take the purist standpoint?  No one seemed to give a dam about the Penokees before – now that we can have jobs – is it a bad thing?  I support mining.”

“Thank you for this wonderfully educating exhibit.  It gave me much to think about and confirms my choice to live in this area.  I do value it.”


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