Taking down the Madison Exhibit

Phil Kucera and I took down the exhibit at the State Capitol Rotunda yesterday.  Here  are a couple of quotes from the guest book.

“This display captures the natural beauty of the area and shows the relics of the despair when the mines my grandfather worked were shutdown, making Montreal, Gile, Hurley etc. like poor ghost towns”  Chuck Ledin, Madison

“Thank you for putting the effort into this artwork!  It is a powerful way to show, through visual arts, the profound effect a strip mine would ahve on the livelihood of the Ojibwe people and others who enjoy the pristine watershed up north as tourists.”  Tad Petith, Madison

“Thank you.  We plan to backpack there this summer to support the economy of the area in a healthy way.”  Ryan Rysewyk, Madison

“Excellent, level headed and soulful portrayal of the controversy, stakes, and framework for evaluation/framing.  Thank you”  S Gneder, Fitchburg

There were many more great comments,  but these are a sampling.

By: Terry Daulton


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