WXPR Interview with Terry Daulton

Penokee Arts Project To Tour

Posted 06/02/2012

The Penokees in Iron and Ashland counties became the focus after a debate about opening an iron ore mine.

Terry Daulton of Mercer has an exhibit about the natural resources of the Penokees.

She says she’s mainly a landscape artist working with pastels…

“…the thing that makes my work a little bit different is that I’m also a biologist. Over the past few years I’ve developed a number of projects that bring together the bring education or science information with the arts…to help people look at issues or technical topics in a different venue….”

Daulton says she has 20 different artists working on the project with her.

Daulton says she’s spent many hours hiking the landscape…

“….when some of the issues relating to the iron mining came up, there were a number of artists who were thinking of the complexity of the issues, what it is that gets people energized about an issue on either end, and the conflicting values that come up with natural resource use…”


Daulton’s exhibit opened this past weekend in the state capitol rotunda, and will move the Great Lakes Visitor Center near Ashland beginning June 23.. More on the exhibit is online at Penokee arts


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